Education Coaching & Consultancy

# We provide coaching, consultancy and leadership expertise specialising in education


Our consultants act as critical friends and will work alongside you to meet your needs and those of your organisation.

We will work with you to

  • identify your best practice and help you create the conditions to replicate it throughout your organisation;
  • identify areas that need improvement and create a development plan with you;
  • quality assure your work including preparation for inspection and regulation;
  • identify and work with staff members who would benefit from development;
  • deliver bespoke training developed to meet your needs;
  • work with directors, trustees and governing bodies to develop their vision and strategic direction.

Although our consultants have a great deal of experience, they come with an open mind and will design solutions that suit you.


Our qualified and experienced coaches will coach and mentor individuals or small groups.

We will work with you to

  • improve your performance and outcomes
  • discover innovative ideas and resources
  • examine your values and align them with those of your organisation 
  • create ways forward and realise the courage to explore new paths
  • boost your confidence
  • refresh your skills and focus
  • feel encouraged and motivated
  • give you strategies to resolve issues and conflicts